Floral Print

by Hannibal King

Digital Album
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released 02 September 2014

1.Never Die 02:49

2.Growing Pains Pt. 2 02:59

3.Fast Way feat. Bryant Dope and Adrian Lau 04:22

4.Love Is Here 01:41

5.Help Yourself feat. Alpsko 03:50

6.Growing Pains Pt. 1 02:34

7.Chrome feat. 21 Quest 02:50

8.The Return 02:15

9.Alter Ego 03:16

10.Tangerine Dream feat. Bub Styles and ARXV 03:49

11.Diamonds and Drugs feat. Bub Styles and ARXV 04:09

12.Why Do You Love Me 01:25

13.Gospel feat. Jabee 02:26

14.Thrills/Starrcade 04:51

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Hunter Rebeiro Mr. King returns from his last success to leave a stunning impression, both stylistically and creatively. An all around VERY well done album, both structurally and from an engineering standpoint. Floral Print is an exciting change of pace that will with out a doubt receive much attention and praise. The careful selection of talented, well spoken lyricists helps to make this album the all around perfect underground record. Leaving no stone unturned, Hannibal King has created a memorable piece. Favorite track: The Return.